Burden Scale for Family Caregivers BSFC


Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Kornhuber

Burden Scale for Family Caregivers

Assessment of subjective burden of informal caregivers.

Validation of the original version: see Gräsel_Chiu_etal_2003.pdf

  • extended validation of the original version: see Grau et al. (2015) Aging & Mental Health 19:159-168.

 Validation of the short version: see Graessel_Berth_etal_2014.pdf

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Gräßel, E., Adabbo, R. (2011). Perceived burden of informal caregivers of a chronically ill older family member: burden in the context of the transactional stress model of Lazarus and Folkman. Journal of Gerontopsychology and Geriatric Psychiatry 24 (3). 143-154.

Moniz-Cook E., Vernooij-Dassen M., Woods R., Verhey F., Chattat R., De Vugt M., Mountain G., O'Connell M., Harrison J., Vasse E., Dröes RM., Orrell M. (2008). A European consensus on outcome measures for psychosocial intervention research in dementia care. Aging & Mental Health. 12 (1). 14-29.

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