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Human Chemosignalling

Human Chemosignalling

Human Chemosignalling: Exploring the communication of emotions in humans via body odors

Body odors play an important role in our non-verbal communication as we communicate, often without actively noticing it, via self-emitted odorous substances in our everyday life. Still, we do not know much about the underlying mechanisms or reasons of this type of communication. In this project, we aim to investigate the communication of emotions and empathy via body odors on a behavioral, psychophysiological, as well as a neuronal level. Thereby, we consider both the subjective perception and the subconscious physical perception of body odors. In this project we specifically focus on a comparison of healthy subjects with depressive patients. We combine expertise in the field of sensory science, neuroscience, and chemical analysis.

project manager: Annkatrin Wunder, Janina Ludwig, Sally Arnhardt
cooperation partner: Helene Loos, Andrea Büttner

Study 1

Study 2